It’s not often that perceptions are worse than realities in marketing. I’m generally a “glass-half-empty” kind of guy and while I was excited to join Citrix, I was expecting some heavy lifting to help them build momentum in the cloud space.  After a few weeks into my new role I can say that I am pleasantly surprised (damn near shocked) at the footprint and momentum that Citrix has in large operational cloud environments, especially with their open source platform products, Xen/XenServer and CloudStack.

Having recently come from an open source startup, I understand the massive market leverage that open source can provide when trying to disrupt market leaders.   In fact, it’s the main reason why I joined Citrix.  Open source communities and technologies are really providing the foundation for cloud computing and I felt that having a cloud-ready hypervisor (Xen/XenServer) and an IaaS platform (CloudStack) that are open source creates a significant opportunity to propel Citrix into a leadership position in cloud computing.

What I have since found out is that Citrix is already in that leadership position and they just forgot to tell anyone.  While the industry has been focused on the marketing momentum of new alliances (OpenStack and OVA), Citrix has been busy successfully closing business in a competitive race against VMware.  How’d they do it? Building and managing large user and developer communities and offering continual innovation in products that eliminate vendor lock at significantly lower prices .

I guess now all we have to do is stand up, wave our arms and shout from the rooftops.  Here are some stats that I was amazed to learn:

Xen / XenServer
10+ million users
Powers the largest clouds (Amazon, Rackspace, GoGrid and more)
#1 Open Source Hypervisor
#2 Market Leader in Server Virtualization
Named Gartner Server Virtualization Market Leader
2200+ certified partners worldwide
1000+ certified cloud ready apps

Powers over $1B in cloud services
Used to build the largest clouds (Zynga, Tata Communications, GoDaddy…)
27,000+ active community members
1000+ clouds running CloudStack
adding over 100 clouds per month

Couple this with the scale of the Citrix field team, marketing resource,  worldwide channel footprint and strategic partner base …and… ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner!

I am happy to be on the team and look forward to accelerating the success of the Citrix open source portfolio.