Sure – The whole world is crazy about tablets, smartphones, retinal displays, etc. – but there is great innovation happening at Citrix on the desktop front as well.  In fact, it has been an interesting last 12 months, wherein as a product team we have witnessed certain areas of convergence between the mobile and desktop receivers. In certain others, we have intentionally let them take independent paths (FYI – our definition of desktops includes Windows PCs, Macs and Linux thin clients).

Let’s roll back a few years, when desktop receivers were introduced to serve as a container for the 7 or so clients that Citrix delivered to a user. Suddenly, the Citrix world went from 7 sys tray icons to one – Sweet!.  But, those were simpler times!  In the last few years, the IT world has gone for a spin: we have added new acronyms like BYOD to an already crowded IT alphabet soup, invented new words like ‘Consumerization’, and made IT managers nervous with concepts like self-service and app stores.

Guess what – Receivers (and specifically desktop receivers) have drastically evolved with these changing times.  And a good place to learn about this evolution and participate in this dialogue is Synergy 2012. Specifically, I want to highlight your attention to the session around Desktop Receivers.  During this session, my intent is to take you all on a journey, in which we discuss the following topics:

  • Interesting innovations in the HDX front
  • Going beyond desktop virtualization with Web/SaaS apps & Data
  • Interesting developments and products in the Linux thin-client ecosystem
  • A new streamlined approach to software delivery and updates

Let’s get the dialogue started – I look forward to hearing your comments on this blog and also seeing you at this session. Go ahead and register here for Synergy 2012, and get ready for a good time in San Francisco!