There are many reasons that NetScaler sessions can’t be missed Synergy SF but just highlighting some below:
We have some cool customers that will actually go through some of their NetScaler deployment scenarios.  Check out SYN304 and SYN306 as examples:
  • SYN304 – Best practices for defining NetScaler policies in the AOL network
  • SYN306 – Delivering high-performance apps over lower-performance networks in sub-Saharan Africa – no sweat!
In addition, there is a new breakout track focusing on cloud networking transformation.  This is the Cloud Ready Networking Track.  Some of the sessions include the following:
  • SYN320                  Cloud-ready networking overview
  • SYN321                  Getting real visibility into your cloud network with AppFlow
  • SYN322                  Multi-tenant consolidation across security zones with NetScaler SDX
  • SYN323                  Simplify scaling databases while cutting costs with NetScaler DataStream
  • SYN324                  The latest, coolest and best of NetScaler
We also have additional NetScaler Learning Labs that you definitely want to be a part of.  Sssshh– there is even a dedicated security session in the NetScaler Learning labs! ;-).  Here are some samples but check out this link for details:
  • SYN609D                 NetScaler 10 – Learn, configure, and upskill in this latest feature-packed release
  • SYN607D                  Levering NetScaler clusters to improve application performance
  • SYN617D                 Protect your data from web-based attacks with NetScaler Application Firewall
So, if you are a partner or customer or both, come check out Synergy San Francisco.  Click link for more info and register ASAP.  Here are some more Synergy blogs for other exciting info.

See you all in San Francisco!