If you’re managing multiple configurations of an operating system, you understand the need for automated application compatibility to support business critical applications on each OS image.

Most organizations test the Citrix AppDNA application management software on a single gold image of their Windows 7 OS, but sometimes there are multiple images. AppDNA version 6 now supports automated application testing across multiple OS images. Now test the pertinent OS images and core applications in a matter of minutes, seeing the application issues and application remediation opportunities to ensure end users can access key applications.

Manually, the process is painful:

–          Set up a lab with machines running each OS image

–          Load each machine with the core business applications

–          Find staff to sit and test the applications on each OS. How many weeks or months could this take?

–          Guess why the applications don’t work on each OS.

–          Guess at an application fix.

–          Rework when that application fix fails.

–          Test again.

–          Rework when the second application fix fails.

–          Does it sound like lather, rinse and repeat? Then count how many weeks you’ve been trying to test these same applications and OS images.

How about an alternative?

–          Load operating system images into the Citrix AppDNA software

–          Load your applications directly from the installation media (commercial or in-house developed applications).

–          Click a button to test the application portfolio against all of the OS images at once.

–          See results (in minutes). See which applications may work on one corporate image but not another.

–          See application remediation issues (in minutes).

–          Let AppDNA software explain the application remediation issues and possible choices.

–          Choose an application remediation path, or let AppDNA software autoremediate the issues.

–          Run through user acceptance testing.

–          Upgrade the new OS images live in the enterprise.

–          Breathe a sigh of relief- the new applications are with end users, you’ve reduced the risk of failure and saved a ton of time.

AppDNA software could already simultaneously test core business applications against traditional OS and virtualization options, and now with AppDNA version 6, multiple OS configurations are also supported.

Example: below we have loaded an XP image (legacy OS) and two candidate Windows 7 images (Target OS). The Citrix AppDNA software can now do a side-by-side comparison of a Windows 7 compatibility report against the two OS images. Quickly identify issues and the possible sources for issues.

Application management in a multiple OS environment

How to import an OS image?

Technically, capturing an OS is similar to capturing application DNA. The Citrix AppDNA software can provide a tool to run inside the required OS environment. This tool scans the entire system and generates a DNA payload which is then imported into the AppDNA software. The makeup of the OS is a factor when running many of the AppDNA algorithms, which identify resources or functions used by applications. Simply changing an OS configuration will allow the algorithms to detect new unmet dependencies or other conflicts and automatically update the reporting results.

For example, the AppDNA software will now find APIs that used to exist on previous OS versions, which are used by applications in the portfolio, that no longer exist on new OS versions. Could you really find these details with manual testing?

Citrix AppDNA software comparing application compatiblity on Windows Server 2003 against Windows Server 2008 R2
Comparing application compatibility for a Windows Server 2003 image against the same applications for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. See which applications are successful (here a “g” green light).


When is this scenario helpful? Big Bank runs Windows XP SP2 and acquires Financial Services Firm, who is already running Windows 7. Big Bank needs to send out new applications, but isn’t sure if they will work on both OS images. They’d also like to upgrade the entire stack to a modified Windows 7 image. Instead of testing applications on the three separate OS images over months, they can use AppDNA software to automatically test them all at the same time.

Business units may have different OS images as well – e.g. engineering vs other corporate images may need to be different for practical reasons. Manage applications for one, two, three or more OS images with AppDNA software and have fewer headaches.

Check out more of the Citrix AppDNA application management software with an online test drive here.