Citrix Receiver 5.5 for the “new” iPad leverages the high resolution retina display, 4G speeds and more powerful CPU. The result is an even better experience for getting work done when mobile. The new display is especially helpful for apps that need higher resolution than 1024×768. That means no more panning around or shrinking an app to get the whole app on the display.

Apps like Patient records, Medical imaging , 3D design and many others will be better served with the new Retina display.

There are some considerations to keep in mind. By default the app or desktop will come up a standard 1024×768 resolution but a simple configuration in the Setting>Display>Resolution allows higher resolutions to be selected that best match the app requirements.

Also, at these higher resolutions the menus and features do become smaller. This is a good time to get familiar with the Pointer ( virtual trackpad ) option that displays a pointer offset from your finger and the entire display acts as a tackpad. This feature along with a Magnifier is in the drop down menu can greatly help navigate an app in high resolution.

The new iPad with Receiver accessing to the new XenDesktop 5.6 with a range of new features including Mobile optimizations make a great combination to get work done from anywhere.

If your thinking about upgrading to the new iPad but wondered about how it will work with Receiver,      go for it …