When embarking on a strategic initiative such as desktop virtualization, you will have lot of questions to address “How do I start the process?”, “What are the best practices?”, “Will it work in existing environment?” and “How are other organizations addressing these issues?”. The plethora of technology options and deployment scenarios available only makes it harder.

How can Citrix help? To address above-mentioned questions and help you on your journey to desktop virtualization, Citrix recently launched a highly interactive tool called Desktop Transformation Accelerator. It is based on Citrix Desktop Transformation Model – a field proven, industry-endorsed approach for a successful deployment with immediate business benefits.

How did we develop that model you might ask? For years Citrix Consulting Solutions team has been providing IT organizations across the world with practical guidance for transitioning from a traditional physical desktop model to a user-centric on-demand service model. And we aggregated all that information into a standardized, repeatable way to implement virtual desktops in any given environment. The Desktop Transformation Accelerator’s virtual desktop design benchmarks contain over 70,000 comparative data points from over 3,500 real-world projects in over 80 countries and 14 industries!

What’s in it for you? Desktop Transformation Accelerator tool is very extensive, thorough, and can help you with the assessment, design and deployment of virtual desktops now matter how large or small your project is. Organized into three phases, the Desktop Transformation Model is ideal for both consultant-led and self-guided XenDesktop implementations.

  1. Assess phase helps you decide which of your user groups should be virtualized and the order that will deliver the most value quickly. 
  2. Design phase allows you to think through the details of your XenDesktop installation before you install it. A good design results in up to 50% less time and money spent on production support.
  3. Deploy phase lets you build the foundation for an impressive and consistent virtual desktop experience for your users through robust testing, methodical implementation and a thoughtful rollout.

What’s next? If you are IT professional looking at desktop virtualization, I highly recommend you to check out the Desktop Transformation Accelerator tool, create a project, provide basic project details and start your desktop virtualization journey.

You can also attend a free, on-site workshop where Citrix experts will show you how to plan your desktop virtualization project using the tool, which is culmination of real-world experiences, best practices, and peer benchmarks. Find a workshop near your location now!