It is an eternal list of fantastic features and new capabilities which the NetScaler 10 release brings to table. It has bunch of new features and some of the very useful enhancements for existing modules. In context of this blog let us just walk over the summary of key enhancements.

NetScaler 10 introduces the biggest infrastructure change to meet any kind of performance and scalability requirement. Performance challenges grow year on year and as an ADC we need to be ahead in the performance curve to support the growing number of clients, servers with increasing bandwidth and concurrency requirements. Apart from the performance benefits the solution will add value on management and operational front as well. Let us move to the other list of features and see what else NetScaler 10 has to offer.

DataStream Enhancements

DataStream was the biggest innovation in ADC world recently and was introduced with previous release in NetScaler. Now with this release you have various layer 7 feature modules supporting Database traffic, which add value to HTTP/TCP flows today. So it is completely integrated into the system with advance policy support.

AAA Enhancements

NetScaler has the strong AAA module and adding further support for NTLMv2 protocol helps with seamless integration into the Microsoft environment. The real game changer here is SAML which is becoming standard authentication and SSO protocol for the Cloud services and deployments.

XA/XD (WIonNS) Enhancements

In order to ease up XA/XD deployments, one of the major step was to have the capacity to host Web Interface on NetScaler. It has huge benefits and to further increase the value proposition multiple enhancements are done to this module.

Traffic Management Enhancements

Lots of new features, increasing the overall value of the solution. Features like TCP Westwood can act really well in wireless environments. Entity scalability is critical for the larger deployments with huge number of entities around. Every feature has its own value and makes NetScaler further rich…

AppExpert/Policy Enhancements

AppExpert layer has been driving many exciting features in last many releases. This release again has exciting stuff with on-board analytic ability which can be fed back into the policy evaluation cycle. Think of the use case of Caching responses for only Top 10 URLs flowing through the system at any point in time…

Application Firewall Enhancements

On Security front as well the AppFw module comes with bunch of exciting enhancements. Click to Rule could be very handy and useful. CEF logging can help integration with 3rd party products. Sessionless security helps with reducing memory usage significantly.

Networking Enhancements

Networking infrastructure bucket has several useful enhancements and specifically the IPv6 support has come through a long way. Network Profile as a feature will be loved by everyone as it helps in several use cases. ACL enhancements are again very useful and would apply to most of the use cases.

Once you start looking at the NetScaler 10 beta build, you will figure out the UI based enhancements which make the UI much simpler and lightweight. This UI has most of the components in HTML which makes it easier to load and simpler to process at client side. Even the overall look-n-feel factor has improved considerably and you also have bunch of new wizards for ease of configuration.

Finally this is not the complete list of features in NetScaler 10 but a decent overview of all the key features and enhancements. Please do send across your feedback as you take a look at the beta build.

Happy Beta Testing… 🙂