I had a great opportunity this week to remember my engineering days where I would seat for hours (multiple nights) in front of Device Under Test (DUT) and performance test tools like IXIA or Spirent and trying to wait for the darn test tool ports to be initialized, config to load, test to initialize then test run.  Later, realized that you forgot some config on the DUT or on the tool and restart all the time consuming procedures all over again.  Thank goodness for a very patient team with a great NetScaler SE reconfiguring where needed.  It also helped asking different subject matter experts (SMEs) to see what parameters might be missing, etc. on NetScaler as well as 3rd party test tools.  And through this process, there is a Knowledge Base (KB) article CTX127237 that one of the NetScaler DevTest Engineer wrote a while back that gives some details on specific NetScaler configurations that maybe of use.   Some of the tips can be for SSL setup, capacity testing, compression, concurrent TCP connection and some other ones specifically for Ixia test tool.

Very good article that is available for Citrix Sales/SE’s to use.  Feel free to connect with your Citrix rep for some of these tips if needed.

In addition to the NetScaler tips, I also learned that 3rd party templates have tremendously improved since I’ve worked on these tools last.  Some even have specific L7 performance templates such as HTTP RPS, L4 CPS, etc.    So, it is definitely good to search some existing templates that might already be available for your existing performance test tools.  It was also helpful to work with the 3rd party tool representative to obtain latest maximum or limitations on some the modules or chassis used especially for HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1, IPv4, IPv6, etc.  For example, for one of the tests required us to do maximum concurrent TCP connection but we keep hitting the max of 10M instead of the 15M that we were expecting with this test.  We then learned that the maximum in one card is 10M, hence the need to do 2 cards for this test.

At the end of the suite of tests that had to run in front of a customer, the NetScaler Rocks of course!! 🙂