In the previous blog (/blogs/2012/03/02/get-command-center-get-sleek-sharp-and-an-intelligent-authorization-setup-in-your-deployment/), we covered how to get entity and device level authorization through Command Center. In this blog we will see, using Command Center how we can authorize users to specific Alarm types as well.

You segregate administrative access to different users to manage Citrix devices like NetScaler, SDX, Branch Repeaters and AGEE individually. Now ideally, with Command Center managing all these devices in your deployment, you would want to reflect the same level of segregation between these administrators across Command Center as well. To do this, using Command Center you deploy device level and if needed, entity level authorization as well by creating Groups and configuring Advanced Settings (as mentioned in the previous blog:/blogs/2012/03/02/get-command-center-get-sleek-sharp-and-an-intelligent-authorization-setup-in-your-deployment/).

With Command Center, you can even authorize these users to be able to view only few set of Alarms. This will enable the particular user to be able to view not only one specific device’s Alarms, but only the specific  alarm types he needs to ensure that are not gone unnoticed.

Let’s see how we can configure this.

Step 1: Go to Faults >> Alarms

Step 2: Click the Description of the Alarm type you want to assign. In this case we have selected, Entity Down Category of

Step 3: Click on Assign and select the user name. ClickOK.

The root administrator will also be able to see the history of the assignment of Users for that specific alarm type (as highlighted below).

In case, to un-assign users, just click Unpick (as shown above) present at the top right corner of the window.

With these simple steps we have assigned the Entity Down Alarm type of device to the user, named adam. This will enableadamto be able to view only Entity Down Alarm type of device under Faults >> Alarms.

This function adds up another granular level of authorization which can only be facilitated through Command Center!