I used to like Adele’s music – almost everyone likes Adele, right? – but I didn’t really love it. Then I saw a recording of her in concert, and everything clicked.

What a performance! Her songs took on extra meaning when I saw the emotion in her face. She wasn’t just singing lyrics anymore; she was conveying a message. And I totally bought in. Even though there were thousands of people in attendance and probably millions watching the recording, I felt a bond with her. And now I probably hate the guy who broke her heart more than she does.

Isn’t it fascinating how much body language and facial expressions – a smile, a nod, an eye-roll – can affect how communication is received? Whether you’re a Grammy-winning singer or, more likely, a hard-working employee or entrepreneur, it’s safe to say that you convey your intended message much more clearly when you can supplement your voice with facial expressions and see your audience’s reactions.

That’s one of the reasons we added HDFaces video conferencing to GoToMeeting. And that’s why we’re happy to announce that HDFaces is now part of our free GoToMeeting app for iPad.As “anywhere” work continues to trend and fuel success, this built-for business app brings a new level of rich mobile collaboration – in an easy-to-use, one-tap format – from anywhere.

Delivering HDFaces video conferencing through the new GoToMeeting app for iPad is just our latest offering in the two collaboration areas we’re concentrating on most: mobile and video.

The first rendition of the GoToMeeting app was released in April 2010 – since then it has consistently ranked in the top 10 free applications for business. It gives anyone with an iPhone or iPad the opportunity to attend GoToMeeting sessions when they’re away from a computer – and that makes scheduling meetings for GoToMeeting customers much more simple.

Meanwhile, our recently released HDFaces feature for GoToMeeting has drawn rave reviews from customers and the press alike. The picture quality is superb, and it just takes one click to turn on and off – we think that’s a big reason why GoToMeeting is the fastest growing major web conferencing service, according to Frost & Sullivan.  It truly does change the way people work.

That leads us back to the newest version of GoToMeeting for iPad. Just like GoToMeeting on your computer, the app integrates up to 6 video streams, screen sharing and VoIP and phone audio options in one simple package. This app provides an easy way to stay connected and productive and opens the door for bold new ideas, like taking a meeting on a live tour of a manufacturing plant or doctors bringing in a collaborator via video to help diagnose patients.

Here’s what you can do with the app:

  • Attend online meetings from wherever you are.
  • Join meetings in seconds by tapping a link in an email.
  • Turn on HDFaces video conferencing with one tap.
  • Share front or back camera on iPad 2
  • Activate talking webcam to see only the speakers video
  • There’s a lot more. Check out an exhaustive list on the App Store.

As mobile work and the devices that support them continue to trend, this built-for-business app becomes more of a necessity.

Wherever work happens, you can meet in HDFaces video using the new GoToMeeting app for iPad. Download, enjoy and rest assured that we’ve got more up our sleeve.