Provisioning images is a complex task, and we at Citrix are diligently working towards improving the experience. But to do this, we need your feedback to better understand how image management is currently handled in the real-world.  If you have any responsibility for the creation/deployment/updating of images, whether it be for desktops or applications, would you consider sharing your experiences with us?

Research sessions will be in the form of interviews/discussions which can be done remotely over the phone, and will take no longer than 60-90 mins.  By participating, you’ll help drive forward the design of the next generation of provisioning and image management tools –  and you’ll also get some free Citrix Product Design swag to say thank you for sharing your time and feedback!

If this isn’t within your area of expertise, not a problem, thank you for reading.  But – perhaps there’s someone you know in your company who is involved in the provisioning of images who might be interested?  If so, if you could pass this message along, we’d really appreciate it!

If you’ve read this far, then hopefully I’ve piqued your interest enough to at least slightly tempt you into helping us with this research – so let’s get into the details.  I am a User Experience Researcher within Citrix Product Design based in the UK (but looking to recruit participants from both the UK and around the world, happy to accommodate time zones!).  Through this research study, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of how IT professionals create, deploy and manage images for their virtual desktops and/or application servers. We are looking to speak to people who currently have some role in managing images within their company (whether for desktops or applications), and who would be willing to talk to us about their image management process. Discussion would include things like who is involved in the different parts of managing images, the process followed in order to deploy/update an image, and where the challenges and pain points occur.  We would also like to get some feedback on early design work in progress, to make sure our current vision reflects real-world needs and processes.  The data collected will be used to help our product teams at Citrix better understand the real-life experiences of our customers, and how we can improve our products going forward to make your job easier and more enjoyable.

Please contact me at if you or anyone else from your organization would be interested in participating in this research, or if there are any questions you would like to ask.  Thank you for reading and considering helping us with this research!