Even people who fancy themselves  technology innovators don’t fully grasp  how much the workplace is changing. Things once viewed as employee perks or extras are now  part of doing business. Companies that don’t respond to what their  workers want  — most notably increased flexibility in their jobs and in their personal devices – might find themselves obsolete.

 Telework Week and the Consumerization of IT event are a good time to reflect on these changes and shifts that are altering our work world. Companies need to recognize that bringing your own devices to work won’t be an exception for much longer.

 Enterprises looking to build a successful “BYOD” program can look to Citrix to get an idea of how things are done. We don’t just sell virtualization technology; we live our mission by empowering workers to use their own devices and manage their own time to do the best job possible.

 We started simply and have now woven the “BYOD” idea into how we do business.  Many of our employees use a laptop, their own smartphone and a tablet computer. We allow our employees to pick what works best. Our enterprise applications then allow them to do their jobs and access their data no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Some worry about the security of cloud computing but it actually keeps things more safe than old-school computing or desktop computers. When applications, virtual desktops and user data are stored in a datacenter it can be delivered to any device in a secure, controlled fashion. 

 Any company can make these changes with a little planning, work and – yes – flexibility. But it first requires your foresight and ability to  act before the changes in our offices and companies are permanent. Do you have a BYO story to share?