In this Olympic year, London will play host to the largest sporting event in the world, but in this already busy and crowded capital, how will the transport infrastructure cope?  More to the point how will your business cope with the predicted transport chaos the Olympics will bring?

With an additional 6 million athletes, visitors, officials and organisers expected to descend upon London during the games, it’s not just businesses in the capital that will suffer, but those people that have to commute through it to their offices or client meetings with these additional transport delays.  The recent threat of strike action won’t have inspired many people either, as this will only compound the delays that commuters are expected to suffer.

As concerned business stakeholders start thinking about how they can remedy these problems, the Citrix Consultancy Services team have put together a guide that outlines the top 5 considerations when developing a strategy to manage the impact of travel disruption to businesses.  To learn more and download this guide.