Welcome back to the “He Said She Said” mini series.  Just had to get that out of the way, I pride myself on attempting to be a mini comedian (not really happening I guess).  Well this is part three of the four part blog that I’ve started and I hope that you have found things to be educational, well, rather informational.

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Today I want to discuss the Complex/Difficult propaganda that has been spread around.  I have always looked at this statement as funny because in reality anything new is considered complex ordifficult.  I recently bought a new car that has ton of features and I was confused on how to just turn down the GPS volume, but now navigating and operating the “advanced” features are simple; so I see this as one that describes anything new.

Before starting at Citrix I was a VMware guy, so I knew how navigate and configure vSphere, vCenter and View very well.  So of course when I started playing with XenServer, XenCenter and XenDesktop I found things to be slightly confusing because it was not what I was used to.  To be honest, I can also say the same about the VMware products when I started working with them.  For example, I had no idea how to configure a port group so that I could add a new iSCSI LUN or how to add vLANs to vSwitches.  After setting up a home lab, going through the vendor and partner documentation and some online training (can’t post vendor here) I was able to get down my routine tasks and then start to understand how to configure and test the more advanced operations.  The same can be said about Citrix, Cisco and Microsoft solutions, once you get in the different management interfaces moving around and executing tasks you will remember what menu item does that and what tab means this,  making everything fall into place.

Another thing that may make the Citrix Solution seem complex is that we offer you a COMPLETE solution.  What does this mean????  What we mean by this is that we offer a full suite of technologies with XenDesktop, such as Machine Creation Services (MCS), XenApp for application virtualization, Provisioning Services for simplistic master image management, vPersonal Disk (one of my favorite technologies) and so on.  As you can see we offer a full compliment of technologies to help you successfully achieve your final desired result.   After working with Citrix Consulting Services or a Citrix Partner you can gain that basic hands on that will allow you to understand things and making moving around Citrix a breeze.

The bottomline is using Citrix XenServer, XenCenter, XenDesktop and so on are just as straight forward as the VMware products – if not easier.

As always feed back is always encouraged.

Look for a blog about the following topics soon:

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