We launched Citrix CloudGateway a few months ago to enable companies of all sizes to empower their mobile workforce while simplifying their increasingly complex IT environments that are getting chalk full of apps, data, and devices.  The response and feedback have been great so far, and we are happy to announce that we just pushed our first update to CloudGateway this week to improve the overall experience of adopting a unified app store for virtualized, web, and SaaS applications.

To provide a bit of perspective on where we’re going with CloudGateway and why we believe it is an important component for any company embracing the cloud, we’ve put together a short video below that features members of our product team.  In the video, we discuss how the exceptions of yesterday’s work environment – mobile, apps, data, and cloud – are becoming today’s assumptions, how CloudGateway empowers both end users and IT, and how anyone can now adopt an app store.

Here are a couple of real-world examples of customers using CloudGateway today:

  • A leading women’s apparel retailer recently deployed CloudGateway to create a self-serve B2B portal to integrate an end-to-end order management and supply-chain management solution for their partners. The company has significantly increased partner satisfaction while eliminating the need for a 24×7 help desk.
  • A leading international logistics company uses CloudGateway to provide a single point of access to SaaS and web applications based on location and role in the company.  Call Centers have unified access to key customer service apps like Telus, IT has access to apps like ISIS, and all employees use Amex for expense reporting and Ceridian for time management.  New employees get access to all these SaaS services on day 1 and need to remember just one password while IT can centrally manage the licenses and access to these cloud services on an international scale.

Over the next few months, we’ll feature more and deeper accounts of CloudGateway customer success and share their deployment stories as a best practice.  We also have a lot planned for Synergy and Summit, with over 20 sessions and hands-on learning labs.  Interested in learning more?  Check out citrix.com/cloudgateway for more information and to get started adopting your own app store.