What does Citrix Receiver and Angry Birds have in common ?  This week the judges at Mobile World Congress decided the best apps for Work & Play. Perhaps It’s no surprise … Citrix Receiver got best Mobile app for enterprise and Angry Birds won best mobile app for consumers.

As noted by MWC:
“Citrix Receiver provides amazing access to business desktops and corporate applications from any device including the latest Android, iOS and BlackBerry-based smartphones and tablets.”

Citrix Receiver has now become the industry standard app to safely deliver enterprise apps to mobile devices. This is real progress since not long ago Citrix did not have much to offer for anything smaller than a laptop. Now with support for iPad, iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire, Blackberry , Chromebook and more IT can count on a solution that will grow with an ever expanding list devices employees want to bring to work. Beyond access to virtual desktops and app, Receiver with Cloud Gateway enables access to Web and SaaS apps and soon HTML5 & native mobile apps. This means Citrix provides a mobile solution that is future proof as well.

Receiver has been a top business app download from the Apple app store since it was released. New leading smartphones like the Razr , Droid , and ATRIX,  provide Receiver preloaded as well as the Motorola Xoom 2 and Lenovo ThinkPad tablet. It’s now rare that a new mobile device will only be used as a consumer gadget, most will provide a dual purpose for work and play. The top device makers know Citrix is the safe answer to make most devices business ready.