Would you buy a PC just to watch the Windows 7 wallpaper?  Would you subscribe to Netflix only to read movie reviews?  Would you pay your cable bill every month and then stare at a blank screen on your 60″ LCD. Not likely. So why would anyone want a virtual desktop without applications?  It just doesn’t make sense.

 I talk to our Service Provider partners who are delivering Desktops as a Service all the time and I asked one the other day, “Would you ever consider delivering a hosted desktop without apps?”. He said, “My business is based on hosting bundles of applications. The Desktop is merely a way to stitch the apps together. It’s a powerful combination but we always start with the hosted application and build up the DaaS solution from there. ”

Service Providers who want to deliver a hosted solution for SMBs should start with the value of the applications inside the desktop. That’s how they make money. The bottom line… If you are are hosting service provider and want to provide value and make money doing it, there better be applications in your DaaS offering. If you are approached by a vendor who is attempting to sell you a desktop solution without apps just ask, “How do you expect me make any money with that?”. Or better, ask him to pay your cable bill since he doesn’t see the need to watch the content. 🙂