Desktop virtualization is transforming businesses. Yes, you have heard this from me before, but it has been amazing to see how very large companies and institutions are using XenDesktop to enable users to get access to the resources they need to work, study, and play from anywhere. Just look at what Deutsche Bank and Indiana University did last year. These are organizations that are going BIG with desktop virtualization.

Now, as much as I would like to tell you that these organizations were able to get this up and running for their thousands of users in a weekend, I couldn’t do that with a straight face. Desktop virtualization takes planning, planning, testing, and more planning to be successful. In my opinion, this is one of the key areas that all members of the desktop virtualization ecosystem, including vendors, consultants, and system integrators have to work on.

Well, we are! And it is because of this that I am excited to talk about the most recent announcement that Dell is making with Citrix. First remember that last year, we made the announcement with Dell about the availability of the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS), which utilizes pre-packaged services with configured and tested hardware and software to help our customers increase time to value of their desktop virtualization deployment. DVS Enterprise was a huge step forward in helping our joint customers, with more than 500 users, get started with the planning and testing phase of their implementation.

This year, we are making it easier. Today, Dell is announcing an even easier way for organizations to get started with desktop virtualization. The new DVS Enterprise offering, which includes XenDesktop 5.5, is an enterprise-class solution that starts with a small standard configuration, on pre-tested servers, storage, and network. This solution comes at a lower price point to help customers start their desktop transformation at 50 users and easily expand to thousands of users, just like our friends in the videos above. Now, the most demanding and robust deployments can start their projects with user profiling and prioritization, get those users up and running quickly with DVS Enterprise, and expand out with a solution that includes all of the datacenter infrastructure, software, and services the organization needs.

We are excited to be working with Dell to meet the needs of our joint customers, especially those that are trying to transform their desktops as fast as they can!