While at the HIMSS show this week, I got to spend some time with the Samsung SEA and Samsung STA teams in their booth. They had an impressive line up of Samsung devices (Smartphones, Tablets, All-In-One Thin Clients, ChromeBooks, Laptops and a Surface), some running Citrix demos. A full list of Citrix Ready devices here.

The 40″ Surface device was in the middle of their booth, and I’d never tried Citrix Receiver on a Surface, so I had to ask if we could install and try Receiver on it. So after the expo closed, we got to work!

After a quick phone call to get the admin password, so we could log into the standard windows desktop, we downloaded the Citrix Receiver for Windows and connected to the Citrix DemoCloud to connect to the Philips DICOM viewer we have in the DemoCloud.

As expected, it just worked, including the basic touch screen gestures!

This got me thinking, the Surface is a unique device, but how would our customers use it. It provides a great collaborative setup, with it’s tabletop layout. I can see great use cases in education, sales points, self service environments and of course would be great to have one in my living room 🙂

So now looking for your input, what ideas do you have for use of a Surface device with Citrix Receiver? Time to get creative with your comments!