The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) has been certified with Citrix XenDesktop 5.5. This certification is important because it means that customers working in a virtual desktop environment can experience high quality video for the first time. Normally, when virtual desktop users try to watch video in this environment, they experience a sub-optimal experience with noticeable delays, stops and starts, and jittering. This can be very distracting and may actually cause people to give up watching a video.

With the Kontiki solution, virtual desktop users are able to benefit from Kontiki’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network, which provides hiqh quality video delivery across your entire organization, no matter where users are or what devices they’re using.  In Kontiki’s peer-assisted delivery model, every client computer acts as a server. Instead of each client needing to get data exclusively from central servers, computers using Kontiki get their video from another client computer that is physically closer than the central server. This dramatically improves the utilization of your existing networks as the burden moves from the Wide Area Network (WAN), where the central servers are, to the Local Area Network (LAN), which results in less congestion in your network.

The Kontiki solution also utilizes a proprietary protocol, the Kontiki Delivery Protocol (KDP), which is network-friendly and deferential to other network traffic. KDP works differently from most protocols in that it never facilitates packet loss on the network. It does this by measuring the round-trip time (RTT) that it takes for one computer to send a packet and for the receiving computer to send an acknowledgement. If the connection is stable, KDP will attempt to increase its connection speed to take advantage of available bandwidth. If the RTT increases, the KDP will notice and stop sending data packets, thus seeking to avoid packet loss.


Kontiki’s Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is unliketraditional on-demand and live-streaming methods which can slow down your existing network by overreliance on  WAN (Wide Area Network) bandwidth availability and hardware-based ECDNs (Enterprise Content Delivery Networks) that require deployment of additional networking appliances that lack scale due to both prohibitively high upfront costs and high ongoing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Value Proposition

The Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) is a cloud-based solution that enables consumer-grade video engagement with enterprise-grade control over video delivery. Powering its solution is the patented Kontiki Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN), which provides high quality content delivery with global reach that is secure, reliable, and network-friendly. Kontiki’s technology allows organizations to deliver Live Video Webcasting, Video On-Demand, and Community Video Portals over their existing networking infrastructure.

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