NetScaler provides huge connection handling capabilities and many times you want to understand connection level details. There are multiple ways you can look into the connection level details but most of them are not friendly enough to satisfy your needs. How do you get the complicated information out in simplified way….. ??

Get back to the cool Diagnostics page on NetScaler UI which has excellent utility to display connection level information. We have discussed several cool features on Diagnostic page and last one was about understanding memory utilization on NetScaler (/blogs/2012/02/09/understand-the-memory-footprint-on-netscaler/). In this blog we will focus on the “TCP/IP Connections” utility which is towards the bottom of Diagnostic page.

This is certainly an interesting utility which provides you the ability of looking inside the specific connection level details managed on the NetScaler appliance. Let us do a quick overview of how it works and what you can get out of it.


  • It provides global choices to
    • View all connections
    • View Filtered connections
  • You can create very efficient filters here with qualifiers like
    • DESTIP
    • IP
    • PORT
    • IDLETIME (connection idle time)
    • SVCNAME (service name)
    • VSVRNAME (vserver name)
    • STATE (various TCP states)
    • SVCTYPE (service protocol types)
  • For filtering you can use the logical operators
    • ==
    • >=
    • <=
    • !=
    • EQ
    • NEQ
    • GT
    • LT
    • GE
    • LE

Here is a filtered output with simple expression based on Source IP which is the most common use case.


Apart from the filtering capability, there are bunch of other useful options:

  • Link
    • Information on whether the connection has a link to other connection
  • Name
    • Internal NetScaler name for the connection
  • Connection Failover
    • If the connection is marked for failover
  • Client-Server Link Mapping
    • Shows you the client connections with respective linked server side connections



This could again be very useful for various debugging purposes as finding out the linked connection on server side could be really time consuming if done manually on NetScaler.

Overall this utility provides in-depth information on various connections handled by NetScaler at any point in time. The ability to filter and finding out linked connections is also very useful for respective use cases.