The Citrix XenClient team is kicking off a new blog series about Citrix XenClient use cases. As more and more people try XenClient, we learn about new and interesting ways to use the technology every day.

The biggest shift we have seen over the last few months has been the uptick in the number of non-technical business people who have tried XenClient. Last year, it seemed to be IT professionals who dominated the downloads and the feedback channels. In 2012, it appears to be business people who demand more from their virtual desktop. They want all of the benefits of XenDesktop – even while disconnected from the network. While XenClient may have its origins in the technical world, it is proliferating to business people.

This blog post will focus on the needs of the mobile executive. Mobile executives always want the coolest devices such as Ultrabooks, iPads and smartphones. Our executive mobility solution enables them to work on those coveted devices while providing the security features they need such as data encryption and remote kill pill.  Follow-Me-Data and Follow-Me-Apps allow the free movement between XenClient and XenDesktop that mobile executives are craving. Mobile executives can spend 80-90% of their time on their corporate laptop – either offline or online. They can then spend 10-20% of their time on their iPad or other device as needed. Check out this cool new video about a mobile executive who uses XenClient, XenDesktop and Sharefile to work from anywhere here.

This solution gives mobile executives an infield disaster recovery option. If their laptop is lost or stolen in transit, they can grab an iPad or any computer with Citrix Receiver and get back to their data and applications in a flash.  ShareFile keeps all their data in sync between their XenClient laptop and their XenDesktop environment and XenApp Follow-Me Apps keeps the application layer in sync as well.

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