comtradeIf you attended the webinar showcasing ComTrade, you saw how their Management Pack for XenDesktop solves key management issues for the operation of a virtual environment.  ComTrade helps manage not only XenDesktop, but XenApp and XenServer as well.  If you missed it, you can still view the webinar here.  Here are some highlights:

ComTrade was established in 1990 in Slovenia, and has over 1000 employees. They have been a Citrix Partner since 2002. ComTrade is in the business of providing  infrastructure management products for heterogeneous, multi-vendor environments. ComTrade builds a Management product for XenDesktop, called “ComTrade Management pack for Citrix XenDesktop”, that helps you measure, monitor and manage XenDesktop (And XenApp and XenServer) with a complete end-to-end view of the Citrix environment from within Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager.

Where they fit

As you know, Citrix XenDesktop is a key component of the Citrix Desktop Virtualization model – which is a combination of technologies for the delivery of desktops, applications and data to end users, anytime/anywhere.

ComTrade fits into the XenDesktop architecture by integrating with standard IT service monitoring tools such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (or SCOM), hence making desktop virtualization an integral part of an organization’s monitoring efforts.

Why Customers buy ComTrade

The most common reason why customers buy ComTrade Management Pack for XenDesktop, is to manage their Citrix environment in real time and gain an end-to-end view of how systems are running.  ComTrade Management Pack for XenDesktop also provides deep monitoring capabilities to ensure potential problems are identified faster, before end users become aware they exist.

Silver Bullets

Where ComTrade is unique in the marketplace, is:

  • They natively plug into Microsoft SCOM to deliver a complete monitoring experience, including topology maps, alerts, reports, and graphs.
  • They also providing extensive XenDesktop (XenApp & XenServer) component coverage, starting with the Web Interface, all the way down to Provisioning Services.

Watch the webinar, too see a demonstration

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