Command Center with its robust set of features flaunts lot of functions which are very useful in managing mulitple devices. One of the hidden functions I would like to bring to the limelight in this blog is to have 2 levels of conditions in generating alarms.

Use Case – MyCPUThreshold

In this case, you can create a threshold of lets say 80% as the threshold value and then check if this threshold stays above or equal to 80% for more than 30 minutes. We usually create threshold and set the action as email notification to notify the administrator. But, with this function of setting the time limit, it just adds another layer of information filtering that pushes Command Center a level up on manageability front enabling you to get notification just at the right time.

How to Configure this:

  • Create a Threshold, under Reporting  >> Thresholds >> Add Threshold
  • In this case, we have created a CPU Usage threshold called “MyCPUThreshold”
  • With  this we define the first condition of 80% and above as the CPU Usage threshold value.

Now, to define the second condition to generate alarms, you need to create Filters.

  • To do so, go to Fault >> Alarms >> Alarm Triggers >> Add Filter
  • When adding a filter, select Categories as Threshold
  • Enter the Alarm Age as the time by which you want this threshold’s alarm to trigger. This means if you have set 30 minute as the alarm age, the alarm will trigger when the CPU usage is 80% or above for consistent 30 minutes.
  • With this you can also set an email notification on the trigger of this alarm.

Hope this serves as a good use case to add more customized alarms to add one notch higher on manageability ease!