Are you a government customer or government contractor, and looking to expand your Citrix expertise? There are a few unique opportunities coming up that you might not know about. Citrix TechEdge is a free, day-long, must-attend annual event for customers with active support or appliance maintenance agreements.  TechEdge provides the technical solutions you are looking for presented by the people that develop them every day. Here are a few great reasons why TechEdge can help you.

  1. Your government environment is secure. When you need technical support, and you cannot open a GoToMeeting session with a support engineer, it sure would be nice if you knew the tools they are going to ask you to use. When you have knowledge of these tools, it streamlines the amount of time spent on the phone describing what you see on your screen.
  2. Log files and trace files may contain SBU information. How many times has a technical support engineer asked you for log files that you know must be scrubbed and redacted before you could release it? If you know what to look for in these logs and traces, you can avoid the hassle of redaction and delays in your critical support case. If your log and trace files can be released, then you can have them ready ahead of time to accelerate your time to resolution.
  3. You can maximize your support hours and per incident calls when you know in-depth troubleshooting procedures. You can then save your support hours for things like upgrades and migrations when support is critical. You don’t want to run out of incidents before procurement is ready to renew, and with dwindling government budgets, you might not be able to renew before the next fiscal cycle.
  4. You save time and contractual hours. Nothing is worse than spending hours trying to find a solution, only to have to call Support and find out that they can troubleshoot it in minutes.
  5. This event is held the day before Citrix Synergy at the Moscone Center. You can maximize your learning potential by arriving in time for this unique event, and there’s no additional charge to attend. You only need to have a valid support agreement to get this unique insight right from our support team.

This is a highly recommended session for those that get down in the weeds with any Citrix product. You can geek out by registering for TechEdge 2012 right here.