Today, Cisco announced they would resell the market leading Citrix XenDesktop as part of the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (Cisco VXI). This is big news for a number of reasons and they all point to one undeniable fact: together Cisco and Citrix are going to usher in an entirely new way for people to work (and play) wherever they are, using any device, from just about anywhere on the planet.

Citrix and Cisco complement one another in the drive to build the next-generation workspace. The two companies are committed to deep integration across the data center, unified communications and collaboration and over a highly optimized network. Together, we will deliver the best virtual collaborative workspace experience—rich multimedia, voice, video and applications—anywhere, anytime, on any device.

In fact, we cemented this in October 2011 when we announced our five-year strategic alliance agreement. And when we made that announcement we were already executing against it when, at the same time, we told the world about enhancing Cisco networking products with full support for Citrix HDX Technology. Now, Cisco WAAS is optimized for Citrix XenDesktop and has been verified as Citrix Ready.

This is on top of optimizations that we have already built into Cisco UCS in 2010. Back then, Citrix and Cisco worked together to create service profiles for running XenDesktop on UCS. The Starter Kit allows customers to easily get started with the first 300 virtual desktops. An Expansion Kit allows customers to scale to thousands of additional desktops and users in a plug-and-play modular fashion. Our customers have told us over and over again that these pre-configured templates have allowed them to get started with desktop virtualization simply and then expand with ease.

So, as we continue to look at each piece of the puzzle Citrix XenDesktop will be at the forefront of our joint strategy with Cisco. And customers should be really excited about that because Citrix XenDesktop is just getting better and better. You probably already know that with FlexCast in XenDesktop you can deliver every type of desktop and app to meet 100% of your workers’ requirements. The thing to remember here is…this isn’t VDI only, but the ability to deliver solutions to mobile workers, call centers, hospital, universities, graphic designers, and so many more. In fact, with XenDesktop 5.5 we expand the use cases for virtual desktops to demanding knowledge workers, by delivering personalized desktops with all of the customization, application flexibility and persistence they expect while achieving the ease of management and storage optimizations you need for large-scale deployments.

But, XenDesktop offers so much more—from support for BILLIONS of devices with Citrix Receiver, to scalable, high-performance multimedia, to incredible WAN performance for remote, branch and cloud deployments.

It’s these things, together with what we can integrate and optimize with Cisco that should make everyone stand up and take notice of what just happened. The world leader in networking just took one more step to help customers make virtual desktops and the next-gen workspace a reality, for any user, anywhere.