There were lots of fun and cute commercials during the super bowl game last weekend.  With my friends from all kinds of IT companies all gather it is about watching the commercials for the funniest, dorkiest, etc.  Some Ads were more memorable than others and some may get a lot more visits from their websites in real time.  This is especially true when we have our iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other gadgets that we have while watching the game.  I have friends who were updating their Facebook pages and liking each other’s post while they were all next to each other and watching the game – very connected.  Some were posting the link on the specific ad site, car or flower site for Valentine’s Day, etc.  So the surge of traffic can come very quickly.

When there are over 114M people watching the Super Bowl, companies who buy Ads should put together an IT budget to strengthen their infrastructure to handle the massive surge of traffic coming to their websites.  It should not just be an option, but a requirement.  Per blog here it talks about companies spending at least $3.5 million plus production costs for 30 seconds of commercial.

To strengthen the infrastructure by adding a load balancer such as NetScaler is such a small fraction of the production costs (i.e. 0.3% of production costs with lowest NetScaler MPX model).  NetScaler has a feature called surge protection that can handle the massive traffic coming in at same time. This surge protection option maintains the capacity of a server or cache. NetScaler regulates the flow of client requests to servers and controls the number of clients that can simultaneously access the servers. NetScaler blocks any surges passed to the server, thereby preventing overloading of the server.  NetScaler Surge protection can have flexible parameters that admins can set.  One can also flush the surge queue when needed and flushing it without impacts existing connections.  For more details of the feature, it can be found at if you login with your citrixID.

IT department of these companies definitely should plan out their data center with not only features such as surge protection but also flexible scalability throughput to handle lots of traffic happening all at once for a short duration of time.  Another feature on NetScaler is the ability to grow throughput of the boxes temporarily without changing the software or hardware of the box.  This is called Burstpack license, the ability to increase throughput of the box temporarily up to 90 days.  For more details of NetScaler features, check out the latest datasheet at