Citrix continually enhances its products to ensure the highest in customer satisfaction and reliability. To further improve the dependability and robustness of NetScaler hardware appliances, along with ensured component delivery, NetScaler is shifting towards Solid State Drives (SSDs) from Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Starting Feb 20, 2012, NetScaler MPX 5500, 7500 and 9500 will start shipping with SSDs. NetScaler MPX 5500 will ship with 128GB SSD and MPX 7500 and MPX 9500 models will ship with 256GB with no change in list pricing associated with this conversion. Citrix will continue to support MPX 5500, 7500 and 9500 models that have HDDs.  See the Citrix Sales and Channel Partners FAQ for information on the RMA process and more details.

While the SSD capacity is below that of the current HDDs, the conversion will not have any impact on use as this storage isessentially used for log files.  The existing hard disk drives used in MPX appliances have massively more capacity than is required.  The larger HDD capacity is only used because smaller drives are not available. The SSDs have ample capacity and which has been verified both analytically and empirically.