It’s great to see so much activity on the Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator. Glad so many people are using it to, well.. accelerate their desktop transformation.

I wanted to take a minute to let you know about a fairly new addition to the kit that you may have not heard about but is a really big deal — a “Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool” — that will help you, our XenDesktop and XenApp customers get a better grasp on what it takes to transform your unique desktop workflows.

If you’re just getting into or struggling with completing a desktop transformation, or feel exposed with too much “shelfware” around, this tool may be just what the doctor ordered.  It’s based on Lakeside Software’s SysTrack technology for collecting and aggregating user experience data. It incorporates a wizard developed by Lakeside that entirely automates the data collection process. Automation is a Good Thing™.
But wait, there’s more!.. also included in the tool package are fully functional versions of Lakeside’s SysTrack Enterprise Visualizer, SysTrack Site Visualizer and SysTrack Resolve providing end user experience monitoring, optimization and problem resolution. So, once you crafty XenDesktop and XenApp admins have transformed your enterprise desktops, you can continuously monitor and manage the user experience of all your users.

Cost? Freemium. Well, the tool is free to all licensed XenDesktop and XenApp customers. Can’t get better than free. Catch is that the license is time-limited to 60 days; continued use of the tool after that will require a license purchase from Lakeside.  But given the on-going value of the management and monitoring tools, you’re gonna buy it.

Lakeside has set up a portal on their website where you can learn more about the Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool for Citrix. If you want to take your desktop virtualization project to the next level, this is definitely worth checking out.