Cisco Live! is in full swing and the message is clear. In the year of the London Olympics, ‘good enough’ is not satisfactory.

The conference keynotes kicked off yesterday with a presentation from Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior, who quoted some incredible statistics on just why Cisco won’t settle for creating ‘good enough’ networks: by the end of the decade, global annual internet traffic will be a zettabyte. A volume of information that hadn’t been consider five years ago, and it’s being delivered to a rapidly growing number and range of devices: by 2020 50 billion connected devices will be in use.

Citrix has long talked about the rise of BYO and mobility in the workplace. These statistics, however, really hit home the extent of the impact these trends will have and how far organisations need to prepare for the anywhere, any device environment of the next generation workplace.

For Citrix this workplace goes beyond mobility to the ‘personal cloud’- the convergence of mobility, collaboration and personalisation in data and applications. Yesterday morning’s keynote made it clear that Cisco foresees a similar future. Cisco’s networking technologies are allowing users to access their virtual desktops faster and more seamlessly than ever before, across any device; they are making collaboration through a variety of methods, including video, more viable than ever, and they are making access to applications people, not device centric.

At Citrix, when we talk about the ‘personal cloud’, we talk about the ability to access all your data and applications anywhere, from a single gateway. This means users have everything they need at their fingertips- no matter what device they use or what source they are calling upon. For Cisco this is people-centricity and the reworking of Cisco’s software to include new features such as APIs plus its collaboration with a range of vendors to integrate with cloud offerings, including Citrix’s own CloudStack show that the company is making great steps to make peoplecentricity and the personal cloud a reality.

Collaboration is another key element of Citrix personal cloud vision and is proving a key theme for Cisco aswell. Padmasree made it clear that video, social and mobility lie at the heart of Cisco’s vision of collaboration in the workplace. It is leading innovation in optimising global networks so users can hold high quality video chat, without risk of interruption by technical and data issues, even impressively beaming Olympic hopeful Emily Pidgeon in to a virtual office with Padmasree for a meeting. Cisco is allowing any range of devices to connect and collaborate across networks and it’s making data sharing faster and easier than ever. Seeing it all in action brought home the new levels of collaboration that can be achieved through the personal cloud when backed by truly intelligent networks.

Through our alliance, Cisco and Citrix committed to creating a next generation workplace built on collaboration and mobility and, based on yesterday morning’s keynote, I think it’s clear that we’re heading in the right direction. However, what’s even clearer is that, when it comes to the next generation workplace, neither of us will be satisfied with ‘good enough’.

Enjoy the rest of the show and maybe I’ll see you on the Citrix stand (E69/ E72)