Having been with Citrix just two months now and with a quarter end, year end, the holidays/Christmas and New Year wedged in amongst it all it’s great to come out of the blocks into 2012 with a clear vision of the game plan for the year ahead.

With the backdrop of Macau (the Vegas of the East – Citrix is a work-hard-play-hard company) as a great gathering point for all
from Citrix APAC, followed by the Orlando session for the ‘rest of world ‘ it was fantastic to understand a bit more about the regions and meet the folks who have been so successful over the past year.

It’s becoming clearer to me that no other company is as well placed as Citrix to deliver on desktop and application virtualization.
With receiver on any endpoint imaginable, getting to a desktop of application is just plain easy! Having been plugged into the Citrix technology stack, I’ve been a benefactor personally. I can now work interchangeably on my PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone – life is good!

Our role as the Citrix AppDNA product group is also becoming clearer – we are a logical extension to Citrix capability in
resolving application delivery challenges for organizations. In addition to facilitating desktop and application delivery, Citrix now has the capability to solve Windows migration challenges (client and server), application virtualization transformations, and server based computing needs for shared hosted applications. This is important as almost no organization is attempting virtualization in isolation from other aspects of application delivery – application management is a heterogeneous animal with 32 and 64 bit platforms, Windows and web apps, legacy physical apps and application virtualization all in the mix.

Traditionally this is just plain scary to undertake. At best, small pockets or groups in an organization can be tackled as the
complexity is just too high and the apps are just too difficult and time consuming to test and remediate. The old adage “take time, cost and risk – you can reduce any two at the expense of the third” has held true and fostered a cautious or costly route in transformation projects.

Well, Citrix AppDNA have kind of turned that old adage on its head as we can now reduce all three – this makes the planning, the transformation as well as the ongoing management of applications in business as usual a greatly streamlined process.

Expect to hear a great story from Citrix this year about enabling the work and play from anywhere any time proposition. Relax knowing that you can remove the application roadblock with Citrix AppDNA.