How many ‘wow’ demos have you seen? Where you’re shown something new that solves a problem you didn’t know you had? Where you realize that some part of your life can be radically more simple and streamlined?

This week I was at Citrix Sales Kickoff – where Citrix sales teams get together for a refresh on our messaging and to plan the coming year. In part I was there to show off the Citrix Startup Accelerator‘s fantastic portfolio of future facing companies, but also to show off ‘Sales Crystal‘ from Core Mobile Networks. I’ve never heard so many exclamations of, “That’s So Cool!”.

Sales Crystal is about making the SmartPhone (iPhone and Android) into every salespersons best friend. It brings together the information you need for every meeting, when you need it. It uses a bunch of smarts in the cloud to correlate your calendar entries with: prospects in your CRM (e.g. SalesForce); biographical information on attendees (e.g. LinkedIn); and news about the prospect. How many of us chase up this basic information before every meeting? Now it’s easy.

Of course,Core Mobile is about more than Sales Crystal. As they put it, they “bring the large screen context of laptops and PC to mobile devices by providing one-touch instant access to context-based most-relevant information obtained after correlation of information from Enterprise, Cloud and Social Networks.” Whew! In other words, look out for much more from Core Mobile Networks.

You know you’re on a winner when every second person who sees a product exclaims ‘That’s so cool!’