You will be alerted when someone meddles with the configuration of your devices, when AppFirewall violations occurs, when SSL certificates are reaching the expiration, when device health parameters like voltage, fan, temperature and disk space reaches the set limit or when there is status change on entity level parameters.

Command Center, presents a range parameters (NS-OID’s) on which events are generated and on which users can customize the alarm system to be alerted at the right time.

Command Center, in the process of discovery performs SNMP polling. It sends SNMP GET request for NS-OID to get basic system information. During this process the CC server adds itself as the trap destination on NetScaler. CC by default maintains the NS OID information. There is no SNMP polling mechanism for alarms and events. Once the NetScaler is discovered, it sends trap notifications which gets generated into events and alarms.

Every time a trap notification is received, an event is generated. These events get clubbed up into same type and generate alarms. One of the best parts of this system is, the user can change the severity levels of the system parameters on which events are generated.  You just need to go to the event severity list and click the edit button highlighted below.

You can setup email notifications for any alarm. What about the alarms which you have not set on email notification but are important enough to be notified and noticed?

To ensure the alarms visibility, Command Center sports an “Alarm Summary” column on every page of the CC GUI as shown above on the left side of the GUI snapshot.

Not only this, it displays a pie chart summary of “Active Alarms”. Along with this, information on the “Recent Alarms” is displayed in tabular format. As can be seen, the alarms have been color coded to critical, major, minor, warning, clear and Inaccessible systems. It also color codes the devices managed according to the alarms generated with respect to the specific device as shown below under “Inventory”.

In the end all I would like to say, with Command Center around…. You will be alerted!!