NetScalers are empowering some of the top Dotcoms/Enterprises around the globe from over a decade now. With all these years of close collaboration with customers and enabling them to use NetScaler successfully we realized that there are common issues and concerns which can be addressed by NetScaler itself. These are the issues which make our customers reach out to tech support and it takes long time in resolution. To reduce the turnaround time on issues, multiple useful tools and utilities are provided on NetScaler UI in Diagnostics page inside “System” menu. Here is a quick snapshot:


For this blog, we will focus on Configuration related tools.

Saved Configuration: Shows the configuration from ns.conf which is saved on system.

Running Configuration: Shows the configuration which is currently running on NetScaler. This can be more than what you get previous step because this captures information not yet saved in ns.conf as well.

GSLB running configuration: Similar to previous step where we show the running configuration on NetScaler. In this mode you will only see GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) related configuration.

Configuration Difference: This section has multiple utilities to find out the configuration differences. Broadly you can select any files and check the diff against any other file. It could be useful to use one of the focused tools.

–          Saved Vs running

  • Shows you the configuration difference in between saved configuration (ns.conf) and running configuration on NetScaler. If there is any configuration difference then you see the diff result and if there is no difference then you see a message “Configuration is identical”. In case of differences it shows you the corrective commands and also lets you create a batch file to apply those commands.


–          Revision History

  • This tool lets you compare the running configuration with multiple revisions as saved in NetScaler. This is quite handy in figuring out what changed since last revision and also in between multiple revisions.


–          Pre Vs Post Upgrade

  • This tool lets you compare the running or saved configuration with configuration pre upgrade. With this you can check out what has changed since last upgrade.


–          Peer Node

  • This can only be used across HA deployments where you can compare the configuration in between Primary and Secondary devices.


Quick snapshot of how the diff looks like:


Isn’t it handy and cool to get all these complex comparisons done using NetScaler UI tools and also fix the issues 🙂