With NetScaler, customers have choices to go with full Application Delivery Controller (ADC) features with server load balancing, global load balancing, SSL, caching, compression, application firewall and so on.  It is so simple to just choose from 3 different NetScaler editions to determine the features you want. These editions can be Standard, Enterprise or Platinum editions.  There is also a 4th option for customers depending on the models and that is to get a license that is just Standalone Application Firewall (AppFW) features without load balancing, global load balancing, etc.   But we still get lots of questions on what other great features that come with standalone application firewall since it is the same  integrated ADC software – the only difference is the standalone firewall license file.

So, here is a capture from CLI using show license command for all that comes with standalone AppFW:

>show license

License status:

Web Logging: YES

Surge Protection: NO

Load Balancing: NO

Content Switching: YES

Cache Redirection: NO

Sure Connect: NO

Compression Control: YES

Delta Compression: NO

Priority Queuing: NO

SSL Offloading: YES

Global Server Load Balancing: NO

GSLB Proximity: NO

Http DoS Protection: YES

Dynamic Routing: YES

Content Filtering: YES

Integrated Caching: NO



OSPF Routing: YES

RIP Routing: YES

BGP Routing: YES

Rewrite: YES

IPv6 protocol translation: NO

Application Firewall: YES

Responder: YES

HTML Injection: NO

NetScaler Push: NO

Web Interface on NS: NO

AppFlow: NO

CloudBridge: NO

Besides what is displayed above, rate limits, HTTP Callout and Pattern Sets/String Maps and content filtering are also supported.  Check out Citrix NetScaler Docs at www.citrix.com download page and select NetScaler for all docs and details of these features.  The current models that has specific standalone AppFW license are the following:

MPX 5500, 7500, 9500, 10500 and 12500

And based on business needs, we will add more models in the future.