It certainly is easier to stay home and watch the CES announcements online vs fighting the crowds in Vegas and you can probably cover more products than seeing them in person. However there are still some things that happen “In Real Life” that aren’t quit the same online. Like passing Elvis walking to convention center or sharing a random cab with Emmy award winner Tech Journalist Jennifer Jolly or saying hi to my favorite podcaster Leo Laporte.

My prior post covered the devices I expect to start showing up at work, this post is just a collection of other products that got my attention.

Healthcare Devices – Lots of new gadgets aimed at mobile monitoring and motivation. ANT+ is new technology gaining adoption that connects smartphones to devices like heart monitors , pedometers, GPS ,  Glucose Monitors etc. Its similar to bluetooth but much lower power which means they can go weeks without a charge. The downside is a dongle is required to interface to an iPhone.

Robots – Every year they get better. Even a Robot for your iPhone and a Robot Pen

I’ve been reading about the MakerBot .. finally got to see it working ! I want one

Cars – Lots of Electric Car Innovations & Awesome Concept cars

& More Random Stuff