At Citrix SalesKickOff Macau –there so much to be excited about and lots of energy and sharing of info across the different sales folks.  It was an awesome week!  There were several NetScaler sessions to choose from that Sales and Sales Engineers (SEs) were really thankful after the sessions.  We also published several sales success kits for Sales/SEs to use to help show case the latest hot features such as the following:

NetScaler into XenDesktop and XenApp Success Kit

NetScaler DataStream Success Kit

NetScaler Application Firewall Success Kit

NetScaler SDX Success Kit

NetScaler CloudConnector Success Kit

The links above requires logging in to Citrix or better yet –check with your Sales rep if you have an interest in some of the features above.  All Sales/SEs have access to the success kits.  I know the kits are popular since I just happen to get an email alert whenever someone downloads one of the kits above.  Thanks to our Product Marketing team for posting the kits right before the kickoff!

Happy Learnings!