A NEED signifies a sense of urgency; urgency to get something fixed or an urgency to get the right solution or the right answers. Whereas, a WANT leads you to get something which adds up to your luxury level, giving you another level of ease.

Command Center is the smart way to manage and monitor multiple Citrix Networking devices. Everyone who has two or more of the networking devices should have Command Center deployed as the monitoring and manageability solution.

Why would anyone WANT Command Center?

  1. First, to avoid investing time, managing all the networking devices individually, when the number of devices can vary from more than two to hundreds
  2. Reduced OpEx: It can reduce the time and effort of the staff and resources managing the deployed devices. Instead of multiple administrators, managing and monitoring these n-numbers of appliances, you can have one administrator on Command Center, managing and monitoring multiple devices at once!
  3. Reduced TCO: Reduced TCO is directly proportional to cost-effectively managing the old deployment and deploying fresh deployments at the same time. With Command Center, when managing and monitoring multiple devices becomes easy, you just have more resources to your disposal to manage the new deployments, resulting into reduced total cost of ownership.
  4. Specialized Manageability and Monitoring Solution which understands how Citrix Networking devices work and can be best managed.
  5. Administering one Command Center device you can Monitor:
    1. Complete Events and Faults of multiple devices with customized email notifications
    2. Nodes like, virtual servers, services and service groups of multiple NetScaler appliances.
    3. Email notified SSL Certificate expirations
    4. Configuration changes
  6. Along with these, you can execute/schedule software upgrades across multiple devices and maintain configuration updates.
  7. Generate counter based quick reports, custom reports on Graphs on throughput level information
  8. To avail advanced AppFirewall Reporting against top violation level information

A solution like this is available with Enterprise and Platinum edition of NetScaler appliances.

Why to wait for the urgency of the NEED to have Command Center, when the WANT to utilize Command Center can get you the right solution at the right time!!

Get Command Center, get the ease of smart manageability!