Pretty busy week so far at Macau SalesKickoff. NetScaler overall was very much talked about with many sessions covering from overview to technical details and to roadmaps…

Out of all the features and functionalities discussed on NetScaler product line, AppFlow Analytics was the biggest hit. AppFlow was introduced in NetScaler with software release 9.3 and everyone was excited about the capabilities. AppFlow defined the way to get deep into Application Performance Management and grow beyond the Network Performance Management concepts. Given the deployment positioning of NetScaler as an ADC, it is in perfect place to do end-to-end Application Performance Management while load balancing and accelerating Application performance.

AppFlow gives you the entire data records on Application Performance statistics. How do you see it in meaningful format? You need AppFlow record processor to capture the data and generate reports based on the data received from NetScaler. We worked with 3rd party vendors and got great momentum on Application Performance reports which is quite useful. The reports published by 3rd party vendors are certainly useful and of huge value to us. With AppFlow Analytics we primarily want to deep dive in the data collected through AppFlow records. We as NetScaler team know the data collected can generate tremendous amount of value through meaningful data mining and reporting engine which took the shape of “AppFlow Analytics”.

AppFlow Analytics is the engine which can mine the data collected through AppFlow records and generate end-to-end meaningful reports. Here is a quick snapshot:


With this module you can go deep down on the path of:


Logically it gets you all the details you need at every layer. You saw it here at Macau and loved it 🙂