Next week, I’m hosting a Q&A-style webinar with Jane Swindle, IS server manager , and Stephen Bombardiere, senior technical analyst, from Cancer Research (both with me in the photograph attached)

Patrick Irwin and I popped along to Cancer Research’s offices in Islington this morning to suss out where we’ll be ‘going live’ from and my word, are we going to have lots to share!  I’m with customers regularly hearing about the savings, efficiencies and general improvements they are making to IT, people and the business through the use of Citrix technology.  However, hearing quite how much IT budget has been given back to research into cancer as a result of Jane and her team’s efforts is incredibly humbling (you just wait for the details next week!!)

While many of you may have read the case study, don’t let that stop you joining us.  The team at Cancer Research is moving at such a rate that there is so much more to share already. 

It was only last night that one of my oldest friends asked me to do the Race for Life so to be at Cancer Research’s offices with the many photographs of race events and seeing everyone working so hard…. well, it’s only upped my training efforts!  Its new office (consolidated from 8 offices) was designed entirely around allowing people to work flexibly and creatively – enabled by XenDesktop and evidenced by the numerous brainstorming and creative meetings I passed as I was given a tour by Jane.  

Hearing how much money has been put back into LIFE SAVING research as a result of Cancer Research’s pioneering IT strategy has made me look forward to next week’s webinar all the more – I hope you can join us, just register at the link below…