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Coming back to the command center series of blogs, we closed this series in 2011 on the new repeater support of quick reports. Command center has been taking a notch higher with every release and enhancements. The range of supported devices has varied from NetScaler ADC to NetScaler SDX.

SDX is an intriguing multitenant application delivery solution in a physical appliance form factor. It follows the model of multiple tenants residing in the same building, but living in separate apartments. This model ensures segregated and individual allocation of resources and avoids any clashes on usage of the resources.

Similarly SDX performs complete isolation for every VPX running on it serving to different tenants. Each instance has its own Packet Engine, CPU, memory and interface queues. In a nutshell it provides fully dedicated and fully isolated virtual instances preventing allocation overruns to the other instances.

Command center being a dexterous manageability tool, along with basic discovery of SDX, it also performs provisioning and de-provisioning of VPX instances of SDX appliance.  Now, let’s briefly walk through the process of provisioning and de-provisioning of VPX instances.


Once you discover the SDX device (as shown in window 1), you need to select the device discovered. This pops up window number2 as shown above. To provision a VPX instance, click “Provision” on window 2 and window 3 opens up. On window 3, you need to enter, the name of the instance, IP address, Netmask, Gateway and rest of the details as shown above. Once you click “OK”, the VPX instance will be provisioned.


As can be seen from window 1, there are 12 VPX instances. To de-provision, select the highlighted tab besides the respective VPX instance in this window. This action will change the provision status to “De-provision InProgress”. Once de-provisioned, that instance will be removed and as can been seen in window 2, only 11 VPX instances will be left.

This completes a brief preview of SDX support on Command Center 5.0. Look forward to more in upcoming blogs.