Welcome back from Holidays 🙂

2011 was a great year and we left you with the trailer of what we mean by Application Networking in The Cloud (). 2012 has started with greater notion of how Application availability, acceleration, optimization and security can impact the delivery of applications in Cloud.

CloudStack with NetScaler could really make the big difference in how applications can be deployed with application delivery notion in Cloud. The core idea is to integrate the 2 key products and ease up deployment of NetScaler with CloudStack. At Sales Kickoff 2012 you will get the opportunity to learn about key integration aspects of these 2 products.

NetScaler is supported as physical appliance MPX, virtual appliance VPX and service delivery appliance SDX. This is what makes NetScaler a special application delivery platform which can provide various deployment models with different form of appliances. You can practically achieve any multi-tenant and Cloud use case with combination of these appliances.

If you start thinking on next level details then immediate question would be: how will you integrate these 2 products??

Tough question with a simple answer NITRO APIs… if you have gone through the blog series on NITRO API, you would certainly appreciate the power of restful APIs which can make the whole integration so seamless. This is good details to brainstorm on when we discuss the integration aspects at Sales Kickoff.

Stay tuned…