Citrix CloudGateway, the industry's first unified service broker
Citrix CloudGateway

I am happy to announce that CloudGateway 1.0, the industry’s first unified service broker, is now shipping.

What a difference a couple of years can make in the IT landscape. Barely couple of years ago, mobility was still a fad, and cloud was all hype. Enter 2012 – consumerization of IT and cloud-sourcing of apps and data is no longer just for pundits making new year predictions. Every enterprise that I have met is seriously looking to embrace cloud and consumerization.

While cloud and mobility are now taking the center stage, every enterprise has and will continue to have a heterogeneous mix of apps in their application portfolio – a mix of Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps. Windows apps and desktops will continue to be delivered to users, albeit not always to a Windows client device; rather increasingly to a non-Windows device. Cloud and mobility have reinforced the inevitability of heterogeneity in IT – heterogeneity of apps, devices, users and delivery centers (private or public clouds). Facing a heterogeneous IT, enterprises need a unified service broker to aggregate, control and deliver all apps and data to any user on any device.

In CloudGateway 1.0, CIOs and IT now have a simple and secure solution to unify the delivery of all app types and data, enabling them to usher in cloud and mobility in their enterprises. It provides end-users with an intuitive single point of access via Citrix Receiver and self-service to all their apps on any device anywhere, and provides IT with a comprehensive single point of aggregation and control for all apps. CloudGateway is fully integrated with Citrix Receiver, which is available for PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Also Citrix Receiver for Web will enable the same capability for any browser on devices where you may not be able to install the native Receiver.

CloudGateway 1.0 will be available in two editions:

  • CloudGateway Enterprise empowers end users with a single point of access and self-service for Windows, Web and SaaS from any device, and provides IT with contextual controls and automated provisioning of users for all apps.
  • CloudGateway Express enables existing XenApp and XenDesktop customers to deliver all their Windows apps and desktops to any device via a unified storefront with self-service. It enables enterprises to be cloud-ready by providing seamless upgrade to CloudGateway Enterprise, extending the unified app store to web and SaaS apps.

CloudGateway is also the industry’s first all-software on-premise solution for unified service brokers. With CloudGateway, enterprises now have the choice and flexibility to deploy a unified service broker on-premise. They no longer have to worry about ceding security and control of their apps, data and enterprise directories to a vendor-hosted service; or guessing the elusive security and compliance best practices of hosted services.

With CloudGateway on-premise, enterprises can also deploy its StoreFront services to deliver a true unified app store for all app types, rather than different app stores and catalogs – one for web/SaaS apps, another Windows apps & desktops and so on.

Stay tuned for more blogs detailing the strategic features of CloudGateway. Visit our website to learn more and evaluate CloudGateway today. Don’t forget to try out CloudGateway for yourselves.