Thanks for taking time to read my blog post.  I have always found blog post great places to give you thoughts about fact and fiction.  When I read through technical blogs I want to only see facts and potential opinions of how and why I would use certain products and feature sets.  That is why I am writing my blogs, I want to set the record straight on misconceptions and help give ideas as to how to use products and features from my experiences.  I may even trickle in some technical how-to’s but why should I do that when you can view Citrix-TV (

My name is Lee Collison, a Lead Systems Engineer on the Citrix Systems, Inc. Public Sector team.  I love working around the Public Sector because I feel I am still offering solutions that help our Troops and government staff and that means a lot to me since I served in the U.S. Marine Corps.  After the military I went to Computer Learning Center and started my IT career as a computer hardware tech and Novell admin, that then moved to Microsoft, Citrix and VMware technologies.  During the past 15+ years in the industry I been fortunate enough to have experienced many different scenarios, such as being an IT consultant, system integrator, IT Manager, “Architect”, public speaker and sales.  Certifications have been a big part of my life as well over that time including: MCSE NT, 2003,MCTIP – Virtualization, Apple – ACSP, VMware VCP 3 – 4, VCA-DT, Citrix CCEA, CCA (XD, XS, XA), RSA Security, EMC Proven Professional, Symantec security certs.  Also many Sales Certs including EMC, Citrix, Cisco, VMware, Symantec and a few other smaller ones.  As I get new certs I will post, since they are hard work to achieve.

Now that you know a little about me I want to post about what I call “He Said She Said”.  Lately I have been spending a lot of time clearing the air for my customers about some misconceptions they have been feed from my largest competitor.  The funny thing is, I sold that solution for four years and know how to sell it as good or if not better than how they do.  They are very good at redirecting your questions in such a way that you are not sure if you have gotten the correct answer or not and they like telling fabricated myths or twisting words around in such a way that it builds the misconception.

Over the next few days I will write parts 2 – 4 of my first blog topic:

  • He Said She Said – Multiple Consoles
  • He Said She Said – Complex/Difficult
  • He Said She Said – Expensive

And as always plus provide feedback.