Citrix Partners – now is the time to enrich your customer’s virtual desktop experience with Citrix VDI-in-Box, a newly added solution to the Citrix suite of virtualization, cloud computing, and networking technologies.

Purpose-built for SMBs, VDI-in-a-Box extends the benefits of virtual desktops to customers even within tight budget and resource constraints because as an all-in-one software appliance that runs on inexpensive off-the-shelf servers with direct attached storage, it enables Windows administrators to quickly deliver centrally managed desktops for less than the cost of new PCs. Customers can start with a small deployment, fitting within their refresh budget, and then grow within the refresh schedule.

Here’s what customers are saying about VDI-in-a-Box.

“VDI-in-a-Box ease-of-use is unmatched – you simply turn it on and go.” Guthrie County Hospital

“We are impressed with the speed, ease-of-use and affordability.  The cost savings with VDI-in-a-Box are phenomenal — it was 1/6th the cost of the alternatives.” Parker SSD Drives division of Parker Hannifin

“VDI-in-a-Box gave us the ability to stop fire fighting our PCs and instead concentrate on moving the school forward. It’s simple to setup and fits into our PC refresh budget.”  Fitzharrys School, Oxford

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