It is not just Santa coming to town, but also thieves and hackers are out there that may make some people cry!   There are lots of security articles to read and below are just few that you may be of interest while taking a break from the holiday hustle and bustle 😉   One article is about an advanced XSS script attack that the hacker did to show how easy to get info from the banks.   

Per one of the links in the article, this attack looks for a query parameter containing \%3c\%73\%63\%72\%69\%70\%74 (<script) in the query of an URL and then infects the target destinations with itself so that it’s kept for a longer period than just the one page the user is viewing.  Hence, as you look at your company New Year resolutions or goals in 2012 –i.e. making your business apps more secure, definitely check out web application firewalls such as NetScaler to help with some of these attacks. 

I also had a meeting with a partner this week and their customers were worried about the laptops, mobile tablets, smartphones that are being stolen, and the thieves take the info to sell, and wiping out the devices completely and sell the devices when done.  Interesting enough, per another article, this is in the top 10 security worries in 2012.  This article focused on small businesses but with the partner discussion this week, this is one of the worries for all businesses whether it is small, enterprise or Telco.

Our Citrix Corporate IT has done a great article internally to remind us employees to be mindful of our devices – keep it out of sight, keep it close at hand, label all items and accessories, encrypt the system, etc.  And for identity theft, definitely check credit cards and banks for any transactions that are not yours, and check out for very detailed info to help identity theft victims.

 Happy Holidays and stay safe!