Cisco has announced General Availability of the VXC 4000 softphone (“software appliance”) for optimized VoIP communications with XenDesktop. This makes Cisco the first major unified communications vendor to ship a softphone that uses the Citrix Virtual Channel SDK to implement an architecture that shifts all media processing to the user device.

The VXC 4000 is part of Cisco’s Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) solution. It uses an optimized architecture that maximizes server scalability with zero degradation of audio quality. Users can make point-to-point voice calls with exceptional audio clarity. The VoIP traffic does not go through the Citrix XenDesktop server at all. 

This release is a highlight of the strategic alliance between Citrix and Cisco that we announced in October. It provides an uncompromised high definition user experience for XenDesktop users on Windows 7 and Windows XP endpoints running the Citrix Receiver for Windows.

Derek Thorslund
Director of Product Management
Citrix Product Strategist for HDX