Many people are accustomed to hearing sensational news about large-scale identity thefts or unauthorized access of confidential consumer information by unscrupulous hackers. What people are less aware of is the level of industrial espionage or theft of corporate data that seldom gets reported. When employees walk out with their company-issued laptops, confidential business data is essentially “walking out”. The flexibility that users get from mobility also poses security and manageability issues for businesses.

Traditional laptop technologies can provide mobility and flexibility for users, or control and security for IT but usually not both very well. Users often use corporate-issued laptops to conduct personal computing activities such as checking personal emails, watching online videos or installing non-business software. This can create serious software conflicts or inadvertent introduction of malware. There are challenges to enabling mobile productivity with the conventional tools.

Client-based local virtual desktops offer many similar benefits, that were introduced by server virtualization to the datacenter, to laptops in the enterprises. Client-based virtual desktops offers a wide range of security benefits to laptops including protecting sensitive data on laptops and freeing the user to be productive while being mobile. To learn more about the security benefits of local virtual desktops for enterprises, check out the Protect Sensitive Data on Laptops – Even for Disconnected Userswhite paper.

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