So far I have found Siri to be useful for setting alarms and asking when my first meeting is on the way to work. It’s also kind of cool for demos and entertaining others although many Android users are happy to show that their Vlingo app has been doing this for some time. More significantly, Siri has demonstrated the potential power of voice for enhancing a mobile experience, but not a lot of real work …yet.

For those wondering if and when Siri could be used with a XenApp hosted app the answer is yes and now   ( and you don’t need to hack it… ). Yesterday Citrix announced a new Mobile Application SDK for building or adapting windows apps to look and feel like native mobile apps. The new API’s also provide the ability to use native phone capability like GPS, camera and phone calls. The new Citrix Mobility Pack ( CMP ) that runs on XenApp 6.5 also includes features including an auto pop-up keyboard that works like a native app with the latest Receiver. So it’s now possible to build an app that is securely hosted in a data center or cloud and get all the native benefits with only the Citrix Receiver installed on the device.

The video shows Siri accepting voice commands, translating to text natively and then sending the encrypted text to the GoldenGate Secure Email app hosted on XenApp 6.5. This should provide a good example of what can be done to deliver an app that does real work securely. In reality you can also test this yourself even on unmodified windows apps with existing older versions of XenApp. Simply enable the local text , press the Siri/Mic icon in the keyboard, wait for the text to appear and press Send.

If you just want to try it out you can download the free Receiver, register for a DemoCloud account and try it out. Talk to Siri and get a taste of what mobile voice will be able to do for real work.