Enterprise IT organizations are scrambling to respond to the growing demand for access to corporate applications and data from an increasingly diverse array of users’ mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets.

To aid enterprises facing these mobility challenges, I am pleased to announce that the new XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack and Mobile Application SDK we introduced at Synergy Barcelona in October are production ready and are available for download.

The XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack enables new Native Device Experience features and Tablet Optimized Desktop, which greatly enhance the user experience when accessing enterprise Windows applications hosted on XenApp from mobile devices with the Citrix Receiver.

The Mobile Application SDK is a new developer toolkit targeted for use by Enterprise Developers, System Integrators, and ISVs to create rich mobile-friendly applications to be hosted on XenApp in the data center.  These applications leverage customers’ existing Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Windows infrastructure investments and enables them to deliver mobilized, touch-enabled applications to any mobile device with Citrix Receiver while keeping sensitive corporate data secure in the data center.

The Mobile Application SDK has over 50 APIs that can be used from any Windows development environment.  With these new APIs, developers can create applications that have full access to device sensors and capabilities such as GPS, camera, buttons, SMS, and phone call functions.  The device sensor information can then be relayed back to and used by an enterprise application hosted on XenApp in the data center. These device capabilities are accessed in a platform independent manner, the same API will for example return Location/GPS data irrespective of whether the device is using Android or iOS.

You can view a video of my Citrix Synergy Barcelona keynote, which has a discussion and live demonstration of the SDK here.  Downloads for the new production ready release and related technology releases are available below: